Dental Assistant National Board – History, Role and Duties

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Dental Assistant National Board or DANB, is a nonprofit organization that known by American Dental Association as the national certification board for dental assistants. Founded since August 4, 1948, by the American Dental Assistans Association with goals to advance the vocation of dental assistants by providing qualifying examinations and to work together and support the dental community as anorganization which organizes education and examinations for candidates for certified dental assistant dental assistant and worked as a dental assistant in dentist private practice or medical center. DANB mission is to promote the public good by providing credentialing services to the dental community.

Dental Assistant National Board is also several times changing names and board members to follow development and need in the dental community, dental patients and employment development. Dental Assistant National Board gained certification approval from American Dental Association in 1960 and the board members change the name from American Dental Assistants Association into Certifying Board of the American Dental Assistans Association. In 1978 they change name into Dental Assisting National Board when the Board of Directors was modified to include dentists/employers. DANB got further modified again in 1989, opening up the Board’s decision-making process to other segments of the dental community. DANB itself have completed the introduction of its specialty certification in 1986, after four years of development.

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Dental Assistant National Board – Role and Duties

Talking about Dental Assistant National Board role and duties will not complete if we dont know about the role and duties of Dental Assistant itself. Dental assistants job are to assist the dental operator so the dentist could provide more efficient dental treatment, by preparing the patient for treatment, sterilizing instruments, passing instruments during the procedure, holding a suction device, exposing dental radiographs, taking impression and fabrication provisional crowns. Which the dental assistant can help the dentist by have more time focus in the procedure with dental assistant help as the dentist operator hand effectively. Dental assistant can work in the field without a college degree, but in some states dental assistant must be licensed or registered.

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Dental Assistant National Board, role and duties is to examine and certifying dental assistants candidate as why they established as the national certification board for dental assistants. DANB also provide testing services to the oral healthcare community and information services and resources related to dental assisting credentialing to support DNAB mission. DANB offers the national certification which is Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), Certified Orthodontic Assistant (COA) and Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant (CPFDA). Would be better benefits by getting certification issued by DANB for potential dental assistant. The greater opportunities in job field by cooperation networks that owned by DANB with dental community, as the national standard of certification issued by Dental Assistant National Board.

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