Custom Kitchen Design

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Custom Kitchen Design


You can tell almost immediately upon walking into a kitchen if the if it was a standard cookie cutter design or if the place has been a custom kitchen design. It shows in every detail if the kitchen has been custom designed. No matter how hard a contractor tries to make a standard design look like a one of a kind custom creation it almost inevitably falls short of the mark.


For one thing a custom kitchen design will have more attention to detail. Things will look like they flow together and you can tell that they were made to interlock and work well with each other. When you look at a standard builder grade kitchen it is there and functional but it lacks the charm and the sense of flow that you will find in a kitchen that has been designed from the ground up to work as one.

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That is certainly not to say that everyone in the world has the need to have a custom kitchen design expert come in and make something that fits only him or her and the way they live. It is often quite the contrary in fact. Most of the time a kitchen that is more generic can be more of a blessing than one you have designed from scratch.


For one thing when it comes time for you to sell the house and you have had a custom kitchen design done you can actually limit the appeal to a potential buyer. Chefs who do the cooking in the household are usually quite particular about that they want to be where in order to keep the flow in the cooking going correctly. And a kitchen that fits the way you cook may be totally out of place for the way I cook.


Custom kitchen design is about making things look good and flow together in a way that is of utmost importance in this room. Let’s face it a bedroom or living room can pretty much go together in any manner and still get the job done effectively. A kitchen however needs to be able to actually work with you and if it is designed wrong it can actually work against you and make the job of meal preparation much more difficult.


When it is time for you to consider a custom kitchen design you need to stop and look at the way you prepare a meal. There will undoubtedly be a pattern that will emerge and you will see that you almost always do things in a certain manner and in a certain direction. It is amazing that even a minute disruption in this flow chart can cause even the most well oiled cook to have to stop and think about what to do next.

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