Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Ready made cabinets for your kitchen are available just about anywhere, but if you desire custom kitchen cabinetry, because your kitchen is an awkward size for instance, or you simply desire the special look that is available only in custom kitchen cabinets, then the actual design of your kitchen can be totally different than that achieved by ready made cabinets. The first consideration is, of course, is the fact that if you have your cabinet’s custom made, you can have them made out of whatever pleases you.


So, what exactly makes the difference from custom kitchen cabinetry as opposed to stock cabinets? Sometimes it means that the drawers will have dovetail joints as part of the drawer assembly, but now that kind of premium feature is available in even bargain cabinets. What I find is a solid difference is that there are no gaps in the custom kitchen cabinetry. If you purchase ready made cabinets, sometimes you will need a filler for the gaps between one cabinet and the next, especially if you have, as mentioned, an awkward sized kitchen.

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Other marks of custom kitchen cabinetry used to be the use of range hood covers, for instance, or extremely elaborate crown moldings installed against the cabinets to allow for a flow between the ceiling and the cabinets. However, even that is now available in ready-made cabinets.


Wood quality however, is a marker for custom kitchen cabinetry, especially if the wood is considered rare and is difficult to find so that it all matches. For instance you may desire light-grained maple cabinets, but again it is important that the hue on each matches the other cabinets. With ready made, there may be enough difference that the viewer is startled by the difference in each cabinet. Common too, in ready-made is the choice of just cherry or oak.


When you have custom kitchen cabinetry, chances are that you will be given the option of pull out shelves, or adjustable shelves, as well as full-extension drawers. They will have been equipped with a soft close feature so that they never slam shut. The well-built drawer is of supreme importance, of course, as are the guides that allow the drawer to pull out gently.


Specialty items, such as deep pot drawers, or a large lazy Susan for storing your canned goods is a great idea, as long as you make sure that each of those is fully adjustable. Especially when having custom kitchen cabinetry designed, constructed and installed, be sure that the agreement also takes into consideration demolition of the old cabinets as well as their removal.

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Too, take into account the amount of time you will be without a kitchen, and be sure that you have everything in writing, including a complete plan that delineates where your electrical outlets and plumbing is located. Finally remember that the ordering of custom kitchen cabinetry is worthwhile after all the dust has settled, and you cook your first meal in your

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