Custom Kitchen Cabinet

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Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Nothing will make your kitchen look like a million dollars faster than a custom made cabinet. On the other hand since people that are true craftsmen generally make these from scratch and by hand and charge appropriately so nothing can gets the total price of your kitchen rising faster than a set of these babies.


Let’s face it. A custom kitchen cabinet is not something that most anyone needs. These are things that have to go on the want category in life when you are making choices. You can easily store what you need to store in less expensive mass produced style cabinetry but it just looks nicer having a nice set of handmade wood cabinets there under the counter tops.


A custom kitchen cabinet is going to cost more for several reasons. First of all you will have a master craftsman come into your kitchen and actually hand make cabinets that are going to fit where you want them like the proverbial glove so that there is no wasted space and no possibility of things looking a little odd on size. Secondly they are going to be made out of typically better components than the regular ones are. There will be a better grade of wood and a heavier set of hardware that are on it.

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On the downside the custom kitchen cabinet is typically going to be messier when being constructed and will take a little longer to get done so it is going to have your home in a state of construction disarray for a longer period of time. The end result should be well worth the wait though.


Your custom kitchen cabinet decision has another thing to consider while you are thinking about it. Since everything is custom built to fit what you have in there as an existing set up. If you even need to replace a major component of the kitchen such as perhaps a stove or refrigerator it might be a little bit harder to find one that will be an exact fit that won’t make the whole room look off.

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Your custom kitchen cabinet will allow you to pick what size drawers and doors and what spacing on the shelves will work best for the set up that you have. You have a better chance of getting exactly what you are looking for when it comes to color as well because the man building them will be in your kitchen while doing so and will know if something is wrong and he will be able to correct it before it becomes an issue that can cause major headaches, trouble or delays.


A custom kitchen cabinet is the best way to go if you have the budget because you will always be satisfied with the look and the craftsmanship and your friends will tell you how awesome it looks for years to come.

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