Cures For Gout Naturally and Proven Method

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Cures for Gout from Nature


As you know, there are many kinds of cures for gout but some of them are made of plants or from nature. Gout is a disease that makes our joints disable, because of exceed of uric acid that crystallize joints. You can call this disease as “Disease for Kings” because kings and rich person always eat food with high purines, almost never do exercise, and love to drink alcohol. They also overweight. These kinds of disease love to attack overweight people. But, don’t worry if you already get gout because cures for gout have been found, in medication or nature itself.


Nature Cure For Gout

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There are so many natural cures for gout also you can use home products to relieve pain in gout. Some people will use an ice to relieve the pain around its area because ice can reduce swelling and inflammation. You can put it for 10 – 15 minutes. I tell you that when you put an ice on your pain, you will feel discomfort because of an ice but I remind you about discomfort for 15 minutes because an ice of 10 days because of gout. Also, don’t ever to use shoes, socks, everything related to your pain because it makes pain worse than ever. Now, let me tell you about cures for gout.


Cures for gout from nature such as foods because foods like vegetables come from nature, also medicine comes from nature. There are many kinds of foods that you won’t allowed to eat with high purines, such as: mussels, herring, hearts, sweetbreads, mutton, seafood, meat, partridge, haddock, scallops, and pheasant, kidneys also turkeys. These foods are forbid to eat whether it comes from nature, but the rest of it you may eat it every day. But you can eat peas, beans, and spinach because they are very healthy.


Cures for gout can be from nature also from your mind and body. Try to be in a good mood everyday because your body can help to reduce gout effect in your body. Exercise in a vacation is really good to boost your mood also has a healthy body. Nature comes from outside, especially from water. Water can flush away your waste and uric acid inside your body, so you have to drink 8 – 12 glasses per day. You can meditate under a tree to refresh your body everyday, so it’s really amazing. So, it’s time for you to feel cures for gout from nature.

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