Corner Kitchen Cabinets

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Corner Kitchen Cabinets

There are bundles of different ways to handle corner kitchen cabinets. There are those who swear by those half-moon lazy susans that will release with one of the bordering doors and then will slide out for full access. Others talk about their wonderful pie-cut lazy susans that are securely mounted to the right angle doors. Others insist that the best solution for corner kitchen cabinets has to be the full round lazy susans. Oh, and there are even kidney lazy susans to be had as well.


Because so many people lose things off of lazy susans that will never be found again when used in corner kitchen cabinets, the higher end ones utilize a handy radiused backside that is firmly attached to the cabinet in order to end the loss of things that have fallen off the shelves. Most corner lazy susans also feature shelves that have a curved edge to them to curtail this very problem. Be sure and spend a tiny bit more to have this kind of lazy susan if a lazy susan works into your remodel job.

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Because blind corner kitchen cabinets have always presented a problem for kitchen designers, new products are being introduced daily that simplify dealing with a blind corner. For instance, rather than thoroughly waste space and be difficult to access its stored items, there are now blind base corner pullouts that work well, and bring the items out you’re to inspect and choose from.


On the other hand, end corner kitchen cabinets can completely set the stage for a charming or modern kitchen. These are built on a 45-degree corner and can be constructed in an open fashion in order to use decorative kitchen items on them, or they can be constructed with doors so that there are miniscule storage spaces within the cabinets. .

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Base end corner kitchen cabinets are often just what are needed to give the kitchen the designer’s oomph that is needed. The ordinary way of designing this cabinet is to give it rounded edges, that not only make it easy to go around without striking it, but it gives the kitchen design a softer edge that many designers like.


Now, the minimalist corner kitchen cabinets designers often just simply do away with corner cabinets, preferring instead to perhaps position the refrigerator in the corner instead. This often works, and if you have ungainly corners, you may try this designer’s trick of not dealing with corner kitchen cabinets at all!

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Diagonal corner kitchen cabinets are also easy on the eyes and can be used to store items that you do not use often, as there is an access problem presented with such diagonal corner kitchen cabinets. It is unfortunately the ultimate blind corner.

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