Copper Kitchen Faucet – Stepping Back In Time

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Copper Kitchen Faucet – Stepping Back In Time

The antique kitchen look is very popular with a lot of people and done in the right way with good design, layout, and hardware, it can look absolutely stunning and the inclusion of an antique effect copper kitchen faucet can just add that definitive finishing touch.


Copper is such a beautiful metal. It has been around for hundreds of thousands of years being one of the very first metals that our ancient ancestors were able to work due to it easy malleability and relatively low melting temperature. The red/peach color is unique and through the ages it has made it a desirable metal for use as jewelry, pots and pans. A copper kitchen faucet is today’s homage to this beautiful old metal and adorns the kitchens of millions not only in the US but across the world.

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Copper as a metal does not react to water and this is the reason that it has long been used in the manufacture of both copper water pipes and faucets. It is also a great electrical conductor of course hence its use in electrical cables and wires, and I the world of electronics too. It is also a very heat conductor and is used to make shiny copper cooking pans which are superb for making sauces. It is such a wonderfully functional metal a fact displayed very aptly by the copper kitchen faucet.


Even today, copper is still highly regarded in the jewelry field and has a pleasing ethnic look about it when fashioned into bangles, bracelets, and necklaces. It has long been associated as having certain health benefits particularly towards arthritis. Feng Shui enthusiasts will be familiar with having copper faucets in the bathroom, the principle of which may be viewed as being able to be extended into the kitchen as well if you fit a copper kitchen faucet. Copper is a Feng Shui friendly metal and is often incorporated into water fountains and Rain Chains.

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Copper sink are also very fashionable. Beaten copper can look superbly attractive with its “dimpled” look where it has been beaten into shape with a shaping hammer. What better way to finish off the overall look of your lovely copper sink than by incorporating a copper kitchen tap too?


The copper kitchen faucet comes in several different styles, shades and finishes including bright polished copper, weathered copper, and antique copper. Styles include the mono-block mixer faucet which is the most popular on the market with curved “goose neck” or hooked spouts, with spoked actuating handles or simple lever style handles.

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The best place to shop for your copper kitchen faucet is online. There are thousands of online stores, so you are well advised to take your time in having a really good browse to see just what’s around. You will literally be spoilt for choice and they are all available by mail order.

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