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Console Bathroom Sink is technically all hung sinks which are commonly placed in homes. These pieces fit onto the bathroom wall, and leave the space under the sink open and free. When it is available, you may go to your local sanitary shops to find great wall hung bathroom sinks in sizes, styles, and finishes to best suit your tastes.


Your Console Bathroom Sink design is the most essential part of your bathroom.  When planning your design, keep in mind your needs, budget, and overall home décor. Bathroom sinks are a crucial consideration; check them out in shapes and styles from unique to traditional in great finishes to complete your bathroom’s design. Check out incredible vessel sinks in stunning colors and finishes, from porcelain to stainless steel to natural stone, and add a unique taste to your home.

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Points to consider.

Make sure you pick out the right type of faucet and other accessories to work with the Console Bathroom Sink you choose. The vessel sink is almost like an inside out version of the undermount and self-rimming sink. It sits atop the counter like a bowl. The vessel sink requires a vessel filler faucet, which can easily be found in a range of styles from traditional to ultra-modern.

Undermount and self-rimming Console Bathroom Sink are intended to fit into a countertop. The undermount sink is mounted under the counter. This style makes wiping the counter top easier. Self-rimming sinks offer a more stylish look. Check out self-rimming and undermount modeled sinks in various styles and an array of finishes to suit your personality and your bathroom’s design theme.


Traditional Console Bathroom Sink  is made of enameled cast iron or vitreous china while more contemporary styles use metal, glass, crystal, stone or solid-surface resins. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to make a design statement or prefer durability of less sophisticated materials.


Console Bathroom Sink  selection has expanded along with the number and type of bathrooms in the average home. They range from tiny wall-hung versions for the smallest of powder rooms to elaborate dual-basin models for luxurious master baths.

There is a Console Bathroom Sink  model which sit atop two or four legs and free up space underneath the sink. Many of these sinks are Victorian in design and will coordinate with claw foot tubs in the bathroom. This kind of Console Bathroom Sink does not require a bathroom counter top. Make sure you have the space and available plumbing to fit one into your bathroom.

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