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Computer technology timeline is a history of a computer, from the first time this technology been invented and until in this digital era when the technology of a computer has been so advanced. This computer technology timeline can give everyone a lot of information about the technology, about how a computer that is be used by all of the people in this world can be so developing. How was the beginning, and how the development from time to time was? Here, will be reviewed the answer.

Actually this computer technology timeline was begun from the invention of static electricity, the logarithms, the Pascaline (the automatic tens carrying operation) by Blaise Pascal, the electricity, the lightning, the battery, the electric arc lamps, arithnometer (the first calculator), the electric motor, the first generator, the “analytical engine”, the telegraph, the typewriter, the telephone, the gramophone and in 1872 Lord Kevin conceived a large-scale analog computer to predict the high of the height of tides in English harbors. And actually until the year 1980 there has been so many inventions that were very important in the development of a computer. The developing of computer technology timeline is based from all of these inventions that had been found by many great and well-known inventors.

Then, the real computer technology timeline started in 1981 when the IBM introduced the first PC and the Osborne introduced the very first portable computer with MS-DOS inside. In 1982, the CD-disk was released then in 1983 the Microsoft Company released the Windows and introduced “the mouse”.  A year after Apple Computer Inc. launched Macintosh PC and the 3.5” floppy.  Then, in 1985 CD-Room, flash memory and network file system was introduced in this year. For the shortened computer technology timeline, in the 1980’s has been found the power point, world wide web, the Intel386 microprocessor as the first processor and the Sound Blaster (an audio and for the PC).

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Well, this computer technology timeline went on in the 1990’s where the technology has been increased rapidly. in this computer technology timeline there were so many inventions that has been invented, such as the search engine, the speaker, the multimedia software, the silicon graphics, the internet explorer, the Intel Pentium II processor, the Intel Pentium III processor and many others.

Computer technology timeline at the 2000’s became more advanced, by the invention of the Intel Pentium IV processor, the Intel Centrino processor technology, and the notebook. And there’s no doubt that for the future there will be a more advanced the computer technology timeline.

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