Computer Slow To Start Up: Causes and Solutions

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Computer slow to start up is one of the most common problems computer users are occasionally experience. If you are currently dealing with this problem, here are some general causes and also some ways in solving them. The first main reason that causes computer slow to start up is limited hard disk in your computer, and this is occasionally happen in computers that have been operated for years. If you bought your computer more than 5 years ago, the core problem of your computer’s slow performance is probably the limited hard drive.


Before judging that the computer slow to start up is not enough hard drive, you are to check the free space of your hard drive, by clicking on the hard drive’s property information. If your computer hard drive’s free space is less than 1GB, limited free space is indeed the core problem. After making sure that it is the core problem of the computer slow to start up, you need to do some hard drive cleanup by deleting some unnecessary files.

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Yet if you still have large free space in your hard drive, you need to look for another reason of computer slow to start up: bad files or some leftovers programs. Sometimes, computer users have installed any random software they are interested to, without thinking whether their computer can bear the program software or not. If you are a users that are easily attracted to any software programs, the reason of your computer slow to start up is probably the leftover programs of some software you have once installed.


In solving computer slow to start up caused by leftover program or bad files, you need to defrag your computer’s hard drive. There are some defragmentation software available out there, and you should avoid choosing any random program. Consider choosing one that has good users’ reviews, such as TuneUp Utility. Besides using defragmentation software, you can solve this computer slow to start up easily, if you installed particular operating system in your computer.

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Another cause of computer slow to start up you should consider, if there is no defragmentation identified in your computer, is the existence of malware in your computer. Malware is different from computer viruses, because malware is simply less dangerous; however, it can affect a computer’s performance. In identifying such causes, you need to firstly install an anti-virus that is capable of identifying and handling any malware system. Too hot computer hardware can be another cause of computer slow to start up.

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