Commercial Kitchen Faucet – Performance is King

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Commercial Kitchen Faucet – Performance is King


Kitchen faucets are made in a huge variety of shapes materials, colors and finishes. Given that one expects a certain standard in terms of the quality of their appearance, faucets for the kitchen in your house are sold very much by design or rather aesthetics. The look is all important in that it blends in with the rest of the kitchen, which these days are deigned to be modern and very elegant. When it comes down to the commercial kitchen faucet however, the priorities shift a little, with the main emphasis going on performance.


As you can probably imagine, in the busy environment of a commercial establishment, (hotels, restaurants, schools, airports, shopping malls etc), the last thing anybody needs amidst the hustle and bustle of their day to day activity, is a problem with the a commercial kitchen faucet. That is why the build standard has to be as high as possible.

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The key to a good commercial kitchen faucet is high reliability and low maintenance. With the extra use that they take day by day, including careless or rough handling, they have to be able to take it, and carry on working.


Because of the extra heavy use a commercial kitchen faucet will encounter, the designers have introduced a range of optional features such as: metering, motion censoring, and ease of repair, maintenance, and if necessary, replacement. The metering and motion censoring functions are designed to help to the amount of water simply wasted by people leaving faucets running, dripping faucets etc.


A good quality commercial kitchen faucet will be made from metal; typically brass (because of its strength and the fact that it doesn’t corrode under contact from water), which is then often die cast, a production process for shaping and forming the metal under heat and pressure.


However, look is still very important even for a commercial kitchen faucet, particularly when installed in establishments such as hotels and conference centres etc. So the designers have to keep on their toes to attract customers by offering both functionality and fashion. The standard finish for commercial faucets is bright chrome plating. The advantages with chrome plating are that it is attractive, and it is hard wearing and durable, so it will stand up to a hard commercial life and the constant cleaning, and it won’t contaminate the water.

Many a commercial kitchen faucet is supplied with ceramic internal parts which are hard wearing and capable of standing up to the extremes of the temperature of the water. Flexible fittings are another common feature of the commercial faucets. These facilitate ease of installation in difficult to reach locations, and are generally easier to fit as they require less tools.

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As with most things these days, it is easier to shop for a commercial kitchen faucet online. There is a huge range to choose from, so being able to surf and browse is a lot more convenient. It allows you to select the faucet of your choice online, and place your order there and then; or, if you prefer, you can physically go to kitchen hardware store to check out your choice in person before you buy. Either way, browsing online will save you time and therefore money.

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