How to Clean your Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker

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How to Clean your Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker


Your Kitchen Aid coffee maker is a staple in your kitchen. You probably use it every day, maybe even multiple times a day. With so much use it is bound to need a good cleaning. You can easily wash the parts that can be removed, like the carafe and the filter holder, but that leaves the main machine that is need of a good cleaning. Residue can build up and it is easy for your machine to take on an odor and even taint the taste of your coffee.


The Importance of Cleaning


Your Kitchen Aid coffee maker deserves a good cleaning every now and then. When you do not clean it, your Kitchen Aid coffee maker can get smelly and make your coffee taste bad. You have to do a cleaning every once in a while to keep your Kitchen aid coffee maker working properly and creating great tasting coffee.

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You should clean your Kitchen Aid coffee maker once a month, minimum. You need to clean it to get rid of mineral deposits that can clog the machine and to wash away bad smells and tastes. Your Kitchen Aid coffee maker may be one of the best made coffee makers on the market, but without proper maintenance it can easily start brewing poorly.


Natural Cleaning


The best way to clean your Kitchen Aid coffee maker is to use one part vinegar to two parts water. You want to add this in the water reservoir. Make sure you mix up a full pot and let it all run completely through the coffee maker. Once it has run all the way through, let it sit to cool for about 20 minutes.


If this is the first cleaning then run the mixture through again. Otherwise you can toss out the mixture and run a pot of just water through the coffee maker to rinse it. Rinse the coffee maker two times to ensure all the vinegar mixture is gone.


You should repeat this cleaning once a month. If you have serious problems with your Kitchen Aid coffee maker, such as it has sat and has mold developed, then you might want to consider doing a search for how to clean that. Mold build up can spread throughout the whole coffee maker and cause health issues. You may want to consider looking around for a new Kitchen Aid coffee maker.

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At any rate, learning how to clean your Kitchen Aid coffee maker will benefit you greatly. You will be able to prolong the life of your coffee maker while also keeping it from smelling or causing bad tasting coffee. A little vinegar and water is all you need to keep your coffee maker in tip top shape.

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