Choices in a Kitchenaid Can Opener

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Choices in a Kitchenaid Can Opener


One of the smallest appliances in your kitchen, the can opener, is also probably one of the most used. When choosing a Kitchenaid can opener you need to think about your options and your needs. Finding the right can opener is a combination of finding one that works with your space and one that offers the functions you need.


Basic Can Openers


Your basic Kitchenaid can opener will open cans for you using stainless steel teeth. It is easy to clean and made to be durable. Your basic can opener will not usually have any special features. It may have a comfort grip handle or a simple curved handle to make using it comfortable. Basic can openers may have retractable cords for easy storage. They are generally a counter top model that will either need to sit out on the countertop or be put away after use. Another feature of a basic Kitchenaid can opener is magnet lid lifters that lift the lid off the can after it has been opened.

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Ergonomic Designs


Ergonomic designs are made to be comfortable to use. They are usually sold alongside your basic can opener and have many of the same features as a basic Kitchenaid can opener. The biggest difference is that the handle is usually oversized and padded. It is made to be easy to use for those who may have arthritis or other problems with gripping and using their hands. They also have safety features built in, such as the magnetic lid lift. An ergonomic Kitchenaid can opener may also be dishwasher safe and have an ambidextrous design. They are available in both countertop and under the counter designs.

Double Duty Openers


Another option for a Kicthenaid can opener is a double duty can opener. Your can opener does not have to be boring and it can serve as much more than just a can opener, so you get more for your money. Many double duty can openers will feature bottle openers and jar openers. These extra features are great for those who often have issues with opening bottles or jars. Other than the extra features these can openers usually have the same great features as other more basic can openers.


Choosing a Kitchenaid can opener may seem easy but once you know all the different features available, it can be difficult. Just think about what will suit your needs the best. Most can openers are very reasonably priced, even those with a lot of features, so cost is usually a second consideration. First, know what you need and choose the Kitchenaid can opener that you like the best and the one that will suit your needs the best.

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