Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

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Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

When you look at your kitchen, there is one feature that stands out above all others, your cabinets. You can have the most up to date appliances available and shoddy cabinets and they will outshine your appliances every time. For this reason when people get new furnishings for the kitchen, they often opt to remodel the kitchen by at least adding new cherry kitchen cabinets.


Cherry kitchen cabinets add sophistication and a contemporary feel to your kitchen. This is the reason they have become so popular as of late. If you think that these cabinets are something that would interest you, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.


Cherry kitchen cabinets add warmth and luster and are a classy addition to any kitchen; however, you have to know that these cabinets will require more work to keep looking nice. When cherry kitchen cabinets are not cared for properly they can become cloudy and streaked. Murphy’s oil soap is one of the best cleaners to use for your cherry kitchen cabinets, simply follow the directions and schedule regular cleaning.

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If you are going to be installing cherry kitchen cabinets yourself, you will need to choose cabinets that are easy to install. There is little point in choosing cabinets that are difficult to install, if it looks like a complex process move on to a different set of cabinets or even a different retailer.




Cherry kitchen cabinets do not come cheap; the wood is considered a medium strong wood that reddens through exposure to light. This makes it a very popular choice for many woodworking projects and especially cabinets. As you can imagine this also means they are expensive due to demand. If you are careful and watch, you can often find deals on discontinued lines and good as new returns.


Since you will, likely pay a premium for your cherry kitchen cabinets be sure that the retailer offers you at least a two-year warranty. Most will offer this automatically, but if not do not be afraid to ask!



Many people are just not mechanically inclined and must rely on a contractor to install their cherry kitchen cabinets. Be careful when hiring a contractor and try to find someone with extensive knowledge of cabinetry. Just because someone can roof a house does not mean they are capable of installing expensive kitchen cabinets. This does not mean they must specialize in cabinets, simply that you want a contractor with at least some experience.

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Bottom Line


Cherry kitchen cabinets are a great addition to any type kitchen. They go well with traditional or contemporary design and simply look marvelous. Take your time and consider all the possibilities before you run out and purchase the first set of cherry kitchen cabinets that catch your eye.

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