Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

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Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

If you are remodeling your kitchen, or simply starting from scratch, the cost of kitchen cabinets may have totally startled you into rethinking the project. This is not necessarily what you should do, for there are ways and means of getting cheap kitchen cabinets. Well, my mother always told me to not say cheap, that I should say inexpensive instead, but in this case, I’m afraid that the word has to stick!


Somewhere around 50% of your entire kitchen budget will probably go toward kitchen cabinets if you don’t know how to find cheap kitchen cabinets. There are ways of doing this, I promise.


Cheap kitchen cabinets usually appear to fall in three different types: Custom, Semi-Stock and finally Stock. But even with these different types there are going to be some important changeable features that you may or may not need. Price often is set by finish, wood type, construction and finally drawer quality. What this really means is that there can be high value associated with “inexpensive” kitchen stock cabinets.

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Now, stock cabinets are what are available in most large home improvement stores. Often they come in enough variable styles to suit a lot of people. Most stock cabinets are just that, they are in stock, thus you probably do not need to have to wait to order them, and sit and wait for delivery for X amount of precious days. Ordinarily the majority of stock cabinets come in pre-determined sizes. Most of the base cabinets will measure 34 1/2″ high and be 24.5″ deep.


However, the most common wall cabinets will measure 30″ high and be 12″ deep. Ask your home improvement store when those will go on sale, for they do go on sale regularly, often in seasonal sales. One of the best customizing hints I’ve ever received is to add matching crown molding to these after they are installed. It makes such a difference, and they will no longer be cheap kitchen cabinets.

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Next come semi-stock choices in the cheap kitchen cabinets line. These will have to be ordered, but you will have the help of the store kitchen designer. Planning ahead is highly recommended, as it may take over a month to take delivery on these cabinets. Remember the sizes of the stock cabinets? Well, these are the same, except you will have the luxury of increasing the width by 3” increments.


They have filler pieces to use for any gaps you may find, and no one will be the wiser about those because they will have the exact same look as the cabinets do. They also can be customized with things like spice racks, etc. You will find that these add extra value in their longevity by having better mechanism for the drawers and better wood construction as well.

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