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Description of Causes Uric Acid


Today, I will explain to you about what causes uric acid getting high in your blood, you can, named hyperuricemia. There are two factors that make uric acid increase in your blood that affect to your kidneys and gout. As you know, uric acid is a byproduct, a substance in foods that happen when your body metabolizes purine. As usual, your kidneys process uric acid from your blood so you can get it out from urine, but some people in uric acid can’t get out successfully through urine. Uric acid is a wasted product, so if uric acid can’t get out from your body it can makes a bad effect to your body. Let us discuss more about what causes uric acid.

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Causes & Effect


What causes uric acid? Your uric acid in your body can increase just because of alcoholism, diabetes, acidosis, lead poisoning, gout, leukemia, kidneys failure, and toxemia of pregnancy. There is also too much exercise or diet that contains too much high-purines food. Food and drink that contains of high-purines food are: anchovies, organ meats, wine, beer, dried beans and peas, gravy, mackerel, herring, game meats and liver. That foods are what causes uric acid keep increasing. Other causes are: immunosuppressant drugs, lymphoma, obesity, and consuming excessive of caffeine. That’s all of factor that causes of uric acid.


Those are what cause of uric acid can make many effects to your body. At first, increasing of uric acid can’t make a significant health problem, but you can get kidney stones, even kidney failure and gout. Uric acid can crystallize in your joints that cause gout, heart disease and hypertension. All of these effects are what causes uric acid. Let us learn to be more careful so you can’t increase your uric acid too much. Normal uric acid blood is 3.0 to 7.0 ml, you can ask the doctor for more explanation about it.

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After we understand about what causes uric acid. Let us discuss about prevention. First, you have to modify your diet so you understand about foods that contain too much high purines. You have to manage exercise schedule, like 3 times in a week. Drink more water for about 8 – 12 glasses per day. These preventions are good- guideline for you to prevent uric acid keeps increasing. You have to prevent alcoholic beverages so you can’t manage a good and healthy life. Right now, you understand more about uric acid. I hope this is a good answer about what causes uric acid.


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