What Causes Gout In Common

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What causes gout are things you should learn when you have a severe pain in the joints, followed by itchy and peeling skin later. These two are indeed some common symptoms of gout, which is called as a complex disorder by some online sources. This disorder mainly attacks the feet skin, and it is commonly suffered by men; women also have the potential to suffer from this skin disorder, especially after the menopause. Although if you are not suffering from this skin disorder, it is better for you to learn more about gout, so you can prevent the disorder to attack you.


what causes gout: the Technical Cause

Some hundreds of years ago, when the medical technology swarmed with myth and legends, people believed that the cause of goat is drops of small creature biting the feet of the sufferer. Now that we have a well-developed medical science such myth no longer exists. Scientists did some research to find out what causes gout, and it was finally revealed that this skin disorder is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the blood. This large amount of uric acid then deposits and forms in the joints, which caused the skin on the accumulation area become itch.

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what causes gout in General

Some online sources do mention that when a person suffers from this skin disorder, the uric acid in the sufferer’s blood rise. This increasing uric acid level causes inflammation and several pain; and these are the main symptom of this disorder. This above is the technical cause of gout, and if you wonder on what causes gout exactly, here they are. According to an online source, this skin and joint disorder could possibly be caused by genetics. A person whose family member once suffered from this disease, have bigger possibility of suffering this disease or disorder.

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This source also mentioned that gender and age are also factors that are dealing much with this disorder. Gout is more likely to be suffered by men than women; and if the sufferer is a woman, she could probably be in her menopause stage. In general, this disorder is indeed suffered by adults. Overweight is also another factor that triggers this skin disorder, mainly because there are more tissues for turnover or breakdown. For your info, tissue breakdown and turnover leads to excess production of uric acid. If you are an alcoholic, you will probably frequently suffer from this disorder because it is dealing with the reduction of particular uric-acid remover body hormone.

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