Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks Are Great Sink Choice

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Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks Are Great Sink Choice

Cast iron kitchen sinks used to be the typical choice for most home kitchens. In more recent years, though, stainless steel has taken over as the leader in kitchen sinks. Cast iron kitchen sinks still have a lot to offer and there are still manufacturers out there that offer these durable and long lasting sinks for you to use in your kitchen.


Benefits of Cast Iron


Cast iron kitchen sinks have many benefits. They are very well made and have a strong construction. They are durable so they stand up to a lot of use and abuse. They do not scratch easily and they are simple to clean. A cast iron sink will last far longer than your average stainless steel sink. So, even though cast iron kitchen sinks cost more than stainless steel sinks, the extra life span makes it much more of a value in the long run.

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Options in Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks


Your options are not limited when you choose cast iron kitchen sinks. Options in modern cast iron kitchen sinks include self rimming, tile in and under mount installation choices. You can also get different enamel colors. Usually the first thought when it comes to cast iron kitchen sinks is the white antique type enamel, but it is not the only choice as there are many other color options on the market.


You also have an option that can save you a lot of money and make buying cast iron over stainless steel a more economical option. You can get used cast iron kitchen sinks which you can then salvage and make into an amazing looking sink for your kitchen. You should always check out a used sink carefully. Avoid those with chips or that are discolored. These are signs that the sink is wearing down and it may not last you too long.

Care of Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks


To keep your cast iron kitchen sinks in good shape you need to make sure you are maintaining them and caring for them properly. You have to keep up on care or the sink will quickly show signs of wear. While the actual cast iron is very durable and long lasting, the enamel coating is not. You will have to watch out for scratches. You need to not use abrasive cleaners and keep it clean. You also need to understand that this type of sink is very hard, so dropping in glass items can be dangerous as they can easily break. A good wipe down with bleach will help to keep the sink looking good. This will help keep it clean and also minimize staining.

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Cast iron kitchen sinks add some character to a kitchen. They may be seen as an old fashioned choice, but they can be modern. Your modern kitchen may just be the perfect home to a modern style cast iron kitchen sink.

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