Bursitis Treatment to Keep up Your Body Health

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Bursitis treatment to keep up our health are important information for all of you who has this disease. But, before we learn more about his case I want to imagine about the bursitis. What is bursitis? bursitis is an inflammation of a bursa (singular) or bursae (plural). There are small fluid-filled sacs that cushion bones in joints and minimize friction between them. Do you know? There are more than 150 bursae in the human body. Bursitis most often affect the bursa at joints in the shoulders, elbow or hips, but can occur elsewhere including the knee, heel and the base of a big toe.


What are causes of bursitis?


The inflammation that causes bursitis usually stems from an injury due to repetitive use or pressure. For example, bursitis of the shoulder is common among baseball pitchers and housemaid’s knee is the quaint name for bursitis related to spending too much kneeling. Repeated physical stress can cause bursitis in the following areas: The first, Shoulder, this typically occurs after trauma to the rotator cuff, the muscles and tendons that connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade. I think that why we need Bursitis treatment, and the second, Elbow, this develops as a result of repetitive bending and extending of the elbow.


The next, Buttocks, typically, bursitis in the bursa over the bones in the buttocks comes from sitting on a hard surface for long periods, such as you would encounter if you ride a bike frequently. Then, hip, this usually stems from osteoarthritis, a hip injury or the pressure from habitually standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time. The next, Knee, with this type of bursitis, you may see a soft, egg-shaped bump on the front of your knee. That the more reason why we need Bursitis treatment to keep up our body health.


What natural treatment for bursitis?


What is the natural Bursitis treatment? I think that is the best way to keep up your body health. Beyond rest to prevent further irritation and allow healing to begin, apply DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), a chemical made  from wood pulp that penetrates the skin and promotes healing of pockets of inflammation. Use a 70 percent solution of DMSO and apply it to the affected area with absorbent cotton. Let it dry, apply the solution there times a day for three days, if you don’t see any improvement, stop using it. And immediately contact your private doctor or your health care provider to give your consultation.

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