Black Kitchen Sink

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Black Kitchen Sink

When considering upgrades for your kitchen you may have considered a black kitchen sink. There are many options for sinks out there, however a black kitchen sink can add an air of elegance and class to your home. Before you run right out to pick one up there are a few things to consider. Price, availability, single versus double and manufacturer are all things to think about before you go shopping.


Why Black?


You may be asking why anyone would consider a black kitchen sink. Beyond the aesthetics, are there really any benefits to this type of sink? For starters, a black kitchen sink will not stain and are much simpler to keep clean. White porcelain sinks are prone to staining and can be a real pain to keep looking nice, with a black sink you will not have that to worry about. In addition, a black sink is the ultimate accessory to black kitchen appliances.

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Budgeting is more important now than ever and before you determine that, a black kitchen sink is the answer you will want to gauge the cost. The price is going to be highly relative, where you purchase your sink, materials, double or single and manufacturer will all play a role in the cost. A good baseline cost for black kitchen sink is between $250-$350. Of course, like anything else, there is always an exception to the rule and if you go with a heavy-duty cast iron, you could be looking at a price tag well over $400!




The size of your sink will play a big part in available choices. You can choose from double or single sinks as well as the stylish farmhouse sink that is coming back into popularity. One is not inherently better than another is; it is all up to your personal preferences. Consider your lifestyle and what you are used to using and then decide between a double or single black kitchen sink.




When it comes to manufacturers there are more than a few that offer a black kitchen sink. Popular brands like Kohler and American Standard both offer a black line as well as many other less known brands. Depending on the material and other factors listed above, you can expect to find each manufacturer is comparable on price. The best way to choose a manufacturer is based on products and reviews. You can get a good feel for the quality of their merchandise from listening to what previous customers have had to say.

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Bottom Line


A black kitchen sink can add elegance and class to your kitchen. They are easy to clean and will not stain like many traditional materials and colors. Take the time to do a bit of homework and you will end up with the best kitchen sink for a great price.

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