Black Kitchen Faucets

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Black Kitchen Faucets


When you are remodeling or sprucing up the kitchen the faucet should be the last thing you choose. You must think of faucets as the jewelry of your kitchen and like jewelry, it can enhance the rest of the picture or look cheap and gaudy. This is especially true if you are thinking of styling with black kitchen faucets. Black is a wonderful color but as decorating goes you must be careful in the application. You may be best served by using an online decorating tool to get a real feel for how black kitchen faucets might look with your décor.


Once you have determined that black kitchen faucets will work well in your kitchen it is time to go shopping. Before you do, it is a good idea to check out the brands and options available.

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One of the foremost kitchen faucet manufacturers is Kohler and for good reason. They have been in the manufacturing business for over 100 years. They began their business creating a menagerie of cast iron and steel products including farm implements and iron crosses for cemetery decorations. By the late 1800’s they had broken into the bathroom fixture market and never looked back.


Today the company offers bold design in their kitchen and bathroom fixtures. They are one of the few manufacturers that still produce a cast iron bathtub! Where the real grace and style comes in however are their black kitchen faucets and bathroom fixtures.


One highly recommended faucet is the Kohler K-150160-7 Coralais single control pullout faucet. These black kitchen faucets have a simple design that is at once stylish and sleek.




Handle meets ADA requirements

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One-piece ceramic valve

High-temperature limit stop – preset a comfortable maximum temperature to eliminate scalding

Temperature memory

MasterClean spray face resists hard water buildup

Easy to clean

$165 Amazon Price


These black kitchen faucets are so popular in part, because their design allows them to be used in both traditional and modern settings. This is especially handy when trying to modernize an older home but still wanting to keep the traditional décor.




These black kitchen faucets can be used with an under mount or surface mount sink. Hooking up your new faucet is a breeze all you will need is a screwdriver, no more wrestling with oversized wrenches in a small space.


Another area that Kohler got right on these black kitchen faucets is the pull out sprayer. The braided nylon hose and ball joint design insure flexibility and a tangle free operation. This is one of the best-designed sprayers on the market.

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The only complaint you will find on these black kitchen faucets was in the case of a customer who depended on well for all their water needs. The pressure from the well pump is not conducive for decent water pressure through this faucet.


Bottom Line


If you are going with a new contemporary, look for your kitchen these black kitchen faucets from Kohler are a stylish addition. They are simple to install and will provide you with leak free easy use for many years to come.

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