Black Kitchen Appliances

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Black Kitchen Appliances

Black kitchen appliances seem to be the height of the kitchen fashion world. Much like the little black dress that most women keep when needed for elegance, so are black appliances considered de rigueur  regardless of the particular colors relegated to your kitchen. In most cultures, including many in the United States, anything in black seems to epitomize authority and modesty, and thus is a sign of justified respect.


You only need to inspect the Japanese culture to realize that black is the symbol of aristocracy, experience and age, as a black belt is considered a sign of incredible achievement as well as pre-eminence in the martial arts. In both the US and many other parts of the world, a black tie function is always known to be a highly sophisticated affair. Black thus means many things, inclusive of prestige, traditionalism, authority and respect.

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Consequently, black kitchen appliances will earn and demand esteem. That ultra simple uniform color will result in a lustrous yet modern appearance when paired with wooden kitchen cabinets having either a dark woody surface, or it can make a brilliant contrast when paired with opposite colors such as white and at times, I’ve even seen stainless steel cabinets as well as work tops which made a very imposing kitchen. Black is not considered a color, yet it is the most amazing and versatile color one can use.


The current trend in black kitchen appliances can be seen when witnesses how many wine coolers, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, refrigerators and freezers, as well as microwave and standard ovens that are now available in black! In order to have the consumer save money, in case the trend for black appliances does not last, some manufacturers are offering insertable black frames to change the colors of appliances. Also black covers to fit microwave ovens are finally available, and there are now even black freezers, so that every appliance you own can now match.


In decorator’s words black is definitely in, and appliances have joined in the cacophony for the color black. For kitchen appliances to have a certain je ne sais quoi most designers and decorators are now insisting on black appliances, for black appliances give a kitchen an indefinable, elusive quality that speaks on many fronts.


For instance we all know that black is as versatile as can be. It is conservative in the manner that rich people are, for the rich always choose styles that are simple, leaving conspicuous extravagance to  new money which they disdain completely. Thus, black is the understated elegance in appliances now. Also, black is timeless, thus it can be matched with any other color that comes into vogue. Other words that symbolize black are stylish, as well as sophisticated.

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Some kitchen designers have introduced a splash of color into their kitchen designs, perhaps all black paired with a splash of yellow, or even orange, so that it makes a statement. All black is of course intimidating, for it is the lack of color, thus designers are recommending using just a miniscule hint of another color.


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