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Bid for hotel rooms wherever you want to go if you want to get great price on staying at any wonderful hotel you wish but with very affordable price. By doing so, you will be able to get wonderful discount from Priceline Hotels. This system helps hotels for filing their empty rooms and at the same time you will be able to get the cheapest starred room at any states. Isn’t that cool?


For being able to bid for hotel rooms you need to firstly do your research on the prices of hotels from that travel sites. Save the date, area, type of starred hotel and prices you find from those websites. To avoid overbiding you need to also see the lowest room prices available. Then you should keep in mind that hotels will give lower prices on weekdays and off seasons. Therefore, choosing to travel at weekdays on low season will be an advantage for you.

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The next thing to do to bid for hotel rooms from Priceline hotels is that you must know that you could bid once only in 24 hours. Rebid could only be done if you alter dates, star category, city and neighborhood. Then you must really think of the price you will bid from Priceline with the base price information you have got from previous travel websites. If you are afraid to make any overbidding, you could visit Hotwire website first and compare the prices of hotels.


Before deciding to book the agreed bid for hotel rooms you must really think about that because after you authorize Priceline to charge your credit card then you will not be able to change it and it will not refundable. If your bidding is accepted you need to print the itinerary and your receipt out and also write down transaction number which is given to you. Bring it to the hotel at that specific day and it is all done.

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And if for example your bid for hotel rooms is rejected, you do not need to be sad. You need to only rebid by waiting for 24 hours to rebid for your similar itinerary. Once you could make the good bid for your hotel room you will be able to cut on your travel expenses for other fun things you could do at the travel destination. Once you know how effective to use bidding system from Priceline you will want to do the same things next time when you are planning other traveling. Have fun and happy traveling!

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