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Best colleges for computer science are the first thing you should examine, when you are interested in becoming a computer technician or programmer. Basically, all computer-related occupations are much preferable than others, for some reasons. Besides earning more money than other professions, computer programmer and technician are included into most-wanted occupations around. Thus, you will find it easy to find the suitable job and even lifetime career. Today, there are probably around hundreds of computer science colleges, but only few of them are considered as best colleges for computer science.


If you are about to enter a computer science department, here are some best colleges for computer science you need to consider entering; these collages’ quality, anyway, is based on each collage’s general reputation in the United States. Hence, it is mainly preferable if you are living in any states in the US. Besides, these below list of best colleges for computer science is gathered from various online sources; although, different source usually purposes different list of best collages.

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Anyway, the first college on the top list of is located in Pennsylvania: the Carnegie Mellon University. One main thing that makes this college the preferable and best colleges for computer science is probably due to the decades reputation the collage has a science collage. There are several major of studies available in Mellon universities, from Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and of course, Computer Science. In other words, besides being included in the list of best colleges for computer science, this college can also be included into all science field of study.

Another college that is included into the list of best colleges for computer science is Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is indeed located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Besides its years good reputation in computer (and other fields of) science, this technology institute have been producing professional and experts in computer practitioners and technicians. Stanford University can also included into the list of best colleges for computer science.

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Stanford is undeniably a reputable collage in any fields, especially in modern field of study as computer science. Georgia University, although less preferable than the above colleges, can also make a good choice on the best colleges for computer science. There are three education degrees available in Georgia Tech; they are Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral Degree. Anyway, there are several aspects you should consider when choosing one of these best colleges, such as your location, your desired study program, and your education budget. You are to remember that you can be a professional computer practitioner by entering one of those best colleges for computer science.

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