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Bathroom Remodel Photos

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Bathroom Remodel Photos

White Bathroom

No matter what you are doing or plan on doing to your home the biggest advice I can give anyone is to plan. And one important part of having a plan is making a record of where you started, where you are, and finally where you eventually end up. That means if you are going to remodel the bathroom you should take before, during and after shots and keep an album of bathroom remodel photos.


There are several reasons for this. For one the bathroom remodel photos will show the progression of the job and let you see how much of a difference the job made and how great the change is. It will give you a record for insurance purposes to show what was done and GOD forbid if anything happens you have proof of things. And another reason is that should something go wrong you could go back and look at the photo sequence and say that the problem occurred here and this is why.

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The series of bathroom remodel photos can actually help you with liability should the remodel not go as expected and there are issues that would be hard to prove otherwise. This was if something it wrong and has to be fixed then you would have what you need to hold the original contractor accountable and make him pay for the problem.


In a recent remodel at my home we took photos and when things were done we thought something just looked wrong but couldn’t place it. I reviewed the bathroom remodel photos and finally found it. It seems that the contractors assistant had somehow dry walled over one of our electric outlets. Had we not been able to prove the damage it would have sot us out of pocket to get the trouble taken care of and fixed. Once I showed the photo to the contractor he profusely apologized, came over and fixed the problem himself and gave us money back on the project.

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Taking bathroom remodel photos is a good way to keep a record for insurance purposes so you can show the increase in value should you add things like a nice vanity or hot tub to the room. Or maybe some fancier light fixtures or something else that might raise the value of the room and the house.


And really the most important reason I can think of for having bathroom remodel photos is just to show the progression of your biggest financial asset that you have. Chances are that you bought it and have been changing little things as you go and it would be nice to look back when you are old and gray and see the transformation of the house you bought into the home you love.

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