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Average pay For Dental Assistant in the US is in the range of US$ 21000 to US$ 44000 annually. Some researchs said that dental assistant could be more in average more than US$30000. However, the amount of dental assistant salary is also depend on which state they are currently working and living. States like Colorado, Connecticut, Alaska, Minnesota, Massachusets are listed as the state with highest average slaray for dental Assistant.

Average Pay For Dental Assistant : How To Get It ?.

Dental assistant is trully a professional job. Its not just a job that anyone could do. In order to be obtaining the job as dental assistant, first of all you should take a dental assistant training at recognized institutions. The training to become a dental assistant is lastin between 9-11 months and it’s really not an easy thing. Some institutions that offered dental assistant trainings are dental schools, some community colleges and also some dental institutes certified by the government. During the dental assistant training, the students will be learning on managing dental assistant daily duties and also have to study some subjects as if at school. Subjects to be taught in dental training are ; chemistry science, mathematic science, physic, biology, and probably health safety issue. Its gonna be a long way to do for the dental training. However, since the average pay for dental assistant is quite high, such demanding training is worth to do. After the training, there is exam and certification process for dental assistant to be able to enter workforce.

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The Duties of Dental Assistant Based Average Pay Dental Assistant

The dental assistant is assisting the dentist the proceed their job. The job of dental assistant mainly divided into two kinds ; the office duties and the technical duties. With quite high average pay for dental assistant, Office duties for dental assistant are mainly managing the files of patients like medical records, archiving the prescriptions, etc  and taking care of the administrative matters such as appointment and billing. Therefore, during the dental  training office administrative matters were also studied. As for technical duties of dental assistant are such as ; preparing the dental tools which are going to be used by the dentist. This task must be done before the clinic starting to open for patients.  Dental assistant also assisting the dentist while preparing treatment for patients. Dental assistant will stand beside the doctors and usually start the procedure of cleaning patients teeth with suctions before the dentist performing designated treatments.

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For many reasons, many people thought dental assistant job is a kind of low paid job. Well, they’re wrong. The should take a look at the average pay for dental assistant.


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