What is Arthritis Natural Remedies?

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Arthritis is dangerous disease that attacks joints also you can say an inflammation in your joints. Many people can get arthritis because they don’t have a healthy life, like exercise or not to eat too much. The symptoms of arthritis are they eat too much, alcohol also stress. These three kinds can make your life ruins because not only arthritis, and another disease will attack you. Home Remedies for Arthritis can be used to some people that not rich in economy. Some people try to heal arthritis by bringing them to hospital, but some people also believe to use arthritis natural remedies by using a natural remedy.

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What Kinds of Arthritis Natural Remedies?

Acalypha Indica, is the Latin name of a plant that can help you to heal your disease. You can know this plant by it’s characteristics, like height for about 30-50 cm, also branched with elongated lines, leaves are oval to round shape intermittent sharp, jagged edges, length 2.5 – 8 cm, with 1,5 – 3,5 cm. You can use this item by mixed with coconut oil, lime, and salt as a cure for this medicine. This plant is really good to heal arthritis, also one of some recommended arthritis natural remedies.

Orthosipon Aristatus, this plant is really famous because it has many functions, especially as arthritis natural remedies, also can heal kidney stones, bladder inflammation of the mucous membranes. Also, this plant contains for about 12% of mineral potassium level. This plant also can become tea that fights every negative bacterium in your body. Ginger also important because this plant for anti-oxidant in your body that can heal diabetes and good for reducing arthritis disease. Many people really understand about the function of ginger as a good herbal for healing many diseases also to make body healthy.

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The last arthritis natural remedies are lemongrass. I agree many people love to put lemongrass in their food to make food even contains protein and mineral. Lemongrass has many functions and I agree to persuade you to use this herbal medicine to decrease your arthritis effects also lemongrass it’s good for your metabolism. That’s all I can tell you about how to decrease arthritis and even to make this disease go away from your life. It’s good to use herbal medicine because it’s healthier without any chemical effect from your body.


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