Arthritis Foundation : To Take The Arthtritis into The Right Way

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Arthritis Foundation has the motto take control we can help. Established in 1948 as part of the nation’s awareness toward the arthritis disease which is accused as the misery’s producer toward millions of adult and children who are suffering from arthritis disease. The foundation is a nonprofit organization and its main activity is to care, cure and support those with arthritis disease.

Arthritis Foundation : The Activities


As a nonprofit organization, the main activities will be based on the needs of its member, meaning that many people with arthritis disease is becoming main focus.Since arthritis has been terorising the life of many americans, the Arthritis foundation is highly involved in research about arthritis medications, how to manage arthritis, dealing with arthritis and many other issues. Some informations offered by the foundation are related the medical knowledge regarding arthritis and also what is the suitable drugs could be taken for arthritis. Brochures, books, leaflets and flyers were distributed for the arthritis patients and also for those who doesn’t have the arthritis issue but want to learn on dealing people with arthritis. The foundation has the offices all over the US, therefore, its handy to get in touch wherever you are.


The Lobbying And The Practices of Arthritis Foundation


At present, there 100 kind of arthritis diseases, those diseases are suffering more than 50 millions of american. Therefore, the Arthritis Foundation has started it’s role as a pressure group to the government in order to be able to be heard. Those with arthritis disease is having bad time in living their life. Therefore, the lobbying was done in accordance to allow such rules, legislation and acts to help the arthritis patients. Medical care issue is also being the concern of the lobbying. Beside the lobbying, the foundation also invested some research on finding the cure for arthritis.

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People with arthtitis realized that they need to stand together in dealing with the disease. Therefore, its really important and significant that they have the institution for their needs,  the Arthritis Foundation.

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