Apron Front Kitchen Sink

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Apron Front Kitchen Sink

An apron front kitchen sink is sometimes the best choice for a replacement sink. People are spending more time and money today eating out than ever before and the apron front kitchen sink looks to change all that by making the kitchen more homey, inviting and functional all at the same time.


The apron front kitchen sink has been around for a long time and you might better recognize it as a farmhouse kitchen sink. For many years, these deep-dished apron front sinks were standard in farmhouses across the country. As society became more urban, there was a shift toward the shallow sinks you see today. Thankfully many people are returning to these revamped apron front kitchen sink and they look amazing.


You can find an apron front kitchen sink in many colors and materials including stainless steel, ceramic, stone or copper. This makes matching your sink to your current décor much easier. Below you will find a few examples of the more popular apron front kitchen sink designs.

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White- Single


If you are going for a completely traditional look, search no further than the white apron front kitchen sink. This sink will take you back to the lazy days at grandma’s house in the country. The nice thing is however, the white goes with nearly any cabinet and countertop combination.




Top 29 3/4″ wide x 17 1/2″ deep x 10″ high.

Base 29 ¾” wide x 17 ¼” deep x 10″ high.

Basin interior 27 ½” x 15 ½”

9″ inside depth and 1″ wall thickness

Fireclay – White

$699 – Amazon


White- Double


Today most people have become accustomed to a double sink. For this reason, you can find apron front kitchen sink in the double bowl variety in all materials. Here you have the double basin apron front kitchen sink in white.



Top 31 1/2″ wide by 19 ½” deep by 8 5/8″ high

Base 31 ½” wide by 19 ¼” deep by 8 5/8″ high.

Each Basin interior 17″ by 14 1/8″.

7 1/2″ inside depth and 1″ wall thickness.

Fire Clay – White

$749- Amazon


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is the go to material for long lasting stain resistant sinks. There is almost not sink composition that you will not find in stainless steel and that includes the apron front kitchen sink.

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16 Gauge Stainless Steel

Curved Apron Front

Under mount or Flush Mount

304 Surgical Stainless Steel

10″ Deep Bowls

$729 – Amazon


Bottom Line


These are but a few of the many choices you have when looking for an apron front kitchen sink. There are copper, stone and ceramic varieties as well all with different price points. Whatever your needs or tastes may be, you are sure to find a quality farmhouse sink like those above to suit you.

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