3D Kitchen Design

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3D Kitchen Design

When it comes to technology and remodeling you have to love the software programs that are available on the market today. With even the most modest personal computer you can load in a 3D Kitchen Design program and in the matter of a few moments time you can see a three dimensional representation of your dream kitchen right there in front of your eyes.


With 3D Kitchen Design you no longer have to try and envision what your ideal set up on the kitchen is going to look like. You can actually call it up on the computer and print it out in full and glorious color if you so desire. It gives you the freedom to design then redesign and tweak away to your hearts content without so much as moving a dish much less the fridge.

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All of the 3D Kitchen Design programs allow you to play with wall colors, cabinet types and colors, appliances and hardware. You can adjust window types and even ambient lighting so you can see how different light affect the room at various times of the day.


Some of the more moderately priced 3D Kitchen Design packages even will allow you to import a photo of your own kitchen into the software and then make the same changes to the kitchen that you already know and love and utilize on a daily basis. That gives you the ultimate look at how things are going to be affected if you change this color or add that type of hardware or change from a white style appliance scheme to the stainless steel look. Or go with a black sink as opposed to the stainless steel that is there now.


Trust me when I say that using a 3D Kitchen Design prior to beginning your actual remodel will save you a lot of time, a lot of headaches and a lot of money. It will show you the shortcomings in your ideas and might even give you an idea that you have never considered that is just perfect for you.


Then once the 3D Kitchen Design has finished saving the design of your dreams you can print out a detailed photo of your kitchen in high resolution and take it with you to present to the prospective contractor and you know he will know exactly what you are after. He won’t be able to say that he didn’t understand what you meant by this or that. He will have an actual photographic representation to guide him and not just the usual hand scribbled notes.

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A 3D Kitchen Design is more than just a novelty to play with and take up some time while you are considering the job. It is an absolute must for anyone that is going to be doing a remodel. Whether that is this month ot in two years.

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